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Send Us Your Design

Custom Made to Order Vinyl Decals and Paint Stencils from your Design.

Upload your photo or image file and we will turn it into a vinyl decal or paint stencil. All decals and stencils are cut out of the vinyl material using vector lines and if your file is rasterized such as a .jpg, .png or .gif it will need to be converted into vector art prior to making it.

Simple shapes and designs taking less than 20 minutes or designs that can be converted by software will be done free of charge. More complex designs will be professionally illustrated and may take several hours, even days to make and will cost extra. Send your design for us to review. We will then either convert it and add it to the website for ordering or if your design is complex or has to many colors we will email you with our questions or concerns. 

If you know how to make vector paths then you can upload a cut ready file in either .ai or .svg format. Be sure your vector lines do not cross or overlap as this will not work when cutting out the decal or paint stencil pattern from the material.

We do not print sticker/decals at this time and when reviewing your artwork we will determine if your photo or image can be converted, modified or has too much detail to be made into a decal or paint stencil. We also do not supply the finished vector art. If you need the vector art please contact us.

Be sure to check your email including your junk or spam folder as we typically convert the design add it to the website and then email you a direct link or links so that you can order your decal and or stencils. 

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